Signal Providers Terms

You need to fullfill below terms to be Signal Providers with us.

1. Minimum 6-Month Trading Statement:

Prospective signal providers are required to furnish a comprehensive trading statement covering a period of no less than six months. This statement should delve into intricate details of their trading activities, overall performance, and strategic approaches during this stipulated timeframe.

This stringent requirement is in place to facilitate a thorough evaluation of the trader's consistency and proficiency across diverse market conditions before their enrollment as signal providers.

2. Demonstrated Understanding of Risk:

Signal providers must exhibit a profound understanding of the inherent risks associated with trading. This comprehension extends to factors such as market volatility, potential losses, and the implementation of effective risk management strategies.

A robust risk assessment is considered paramount to safeguarding the interests of both the signal provider and the clients who follow their signals.

3. Proven Trading Skills:

Eligibility for enrollment as a signal provider hinges on the demonstration of a high level of trading skill and expertise.

This requirement encompasses a track record that reflects informed decision-making, successful trade execution, and adaptability to dynamic market conditions. Strong analytical abilities, strategic thinking, and a consistent performance history serve as pivotal indicators of a signal provider's proficiency.

4. Adherence to Ethical Trading Practices:

Signal providers are unequivocally mandated to commit to ethical trading practices, eschewing any form of manipulative or deceptive tactics.

The cornerstone of this commitment lies in transparency and integrity, ensuring that signals provided accurately reflect the trader's genuine positions and intentions. Any deviation from ethical conduct may result in the immediate suspension of the signal provider from the program.

5. Continuous Performance Monitoring:

Enrolled signal providers will be subjected to ongoing performance monitoring as part of a meticulous evaluation process. Regular reviews are implemented to ascertain the consistency and quality of the signals furnished to clients.

Signal providers falling short of established performance standards may be subject to corrective actions or, in severe cases, removal from the program. These elaborate terms collectively establish a robust framework that prioritizes accountability, reliability, and ethical conduct among signal providers, fostering a trustworthy environment for clients who rely on the signals provided.

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