Cloud Copy Trader

The solution allows you to transmit trading signals to your followers/investors
and manage their accounts opened at different brokerage companies.

Self Service Platform
Cloud CopyTrader

Nothing to install. Just register to add your Master account(s) and link Slave account(s) within few minutes.

No Set Up Fees
Select Strategy

You can monitor the traders strategy and history and evaluate the risk assessment and select the trader of your choice. You can select multiple trades at a time.

Pay As You Go

Once you satisfy with the selected traders performance, you can register and subscribe to copy trades into your account.

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More Benefits

  • Our technology is particularly useful if you need to duplicate trades and strategies (EAs) that run in a main account (called Master) to several other accounts (called Slave) or vice versa from several Master accounts to one Slave.
  • With our solution you are totally free to use your existing accounts whatever your broker is (you can copy between any brokers on MT4/MT5 platforms).
  • You don`t need to keep your PC on or buy VPS servers. Everything is hosted on our servers and running 24/7. Manage unlimited number of accounts easily.
  • Flexible duplication trading settings (proportional lot, fixed lot, revers trading, partial closure, predefined SL/TP, limit number of trades, account protection by equity and many others).